Although digital marketing methods makes all the headlines, quality printed marketing materials still deliver a great return on your initial outlay. From quality business cards to company brochures, printed marketing material can help you connect with consumers on a more personal level. Flyers are still one of the best ways to do this and an eye-catching flyer can really help you attract more business.

The key though is to get your design right! A badly put together flyer could have the opposite effect from which it is intended and actually put people off from using your services. But what classic mistakes should you avoid when creating your next business flyer?

Missing off key information

This is one that sounds unbelievable but it still happens regularly. Many businesses will get so excited about what picture they could use or what cool strapline to put on their flyer, that they forget key details. This can often be the stuff consumers really need like a phone number, address or email! Make sure to include all the basic but key information on your flyer to get the most from it.


This is the opposite to the first mistake above – some businesses get so terrified of missing things out that they put literally everything on there. This makes for a flyer which is hard to read and not punchy enough to grab people’s attention.

Hard to read fonts

Graphic design York businesses can choose from a huge number of fonts. While it is tempting to choose something unusual, be careful. It may look fine on-screen but be hard to read when printed out. It is also key to think about font sizes too – while the nature of a flyer means you won’t have big fonts on there for most of the text, don’t make it too small either.

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