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James has been working in graphic arts industry since 1999 and has been a part of the Nettl family since 2000. He prides himself on creating stunning design work and unique marketing advice and loves exceeding his clients expectations.

The Nettl Patch

Last week we were honoured to announce our Nettl Patch winner – Paige Parkinson of Eventide Inks. Listen to the moment that she won live on YO1 Radio…

Heres what she had to say: “Skin tattoos have proven to be incredibly helpful in the world of mental health. They can serve as powerful symbols of personal growth, resilience, and self-expression. For patients with self-harm scars or medical scars, tattoos can provide a sense of empowerment and help them reclaim their bodies. These tattoos can serve as a visual reminder of their journey towards healing and act as a source of inspiration. Furthermore, tattoos can also help reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues by promoting open conversations and understanding. Overall, the positive impact of skin tattoos in the realm of mental health is immense and holds great potential for individuals seeking support and healing. These people are the ones who ultimately as mentioned above are to intimidated to approach a traditional tattooist.”

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