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James has been working in graphic arts industry since 1999 and has been a part of the Nettl family since 2000. He prides himself on creating stunning design work and unique marketing advice and loves exceeding his clients expectations.

printed brochure in york
In 2022 is no secret that online media is more popular than ever. But does that mean that printing in York – or offline media – is no longer relevant?

It would be so easy for businesses to totally ignore print media and focus activity such as social media marketing pay per click advertising, search engine optimisation and other potential online media activities.

However, here at Nettl of York we believe that printed material is still as relevant as ever. Think about it; people are bombarded with multi media adverts, emails and social media content, so much so that its hard see the wood through the trees. An actual piece of printing can actually help to access the right audience. I mean people still want business cards right?

Despite the rise in online and digital media, print has never disappeared and that’s because it still works as a powerful piece of marketing. Studies show that the success rate of a direct mailing campaign 37% higher than the equivalent email marketing, and that surprisingly younger people put more trust in printed material than digital media. So heres a few reasons why you should still consider printed marketing:

printed brochure in york

Printing Is considered more Trustworthy

Studies have shown that in general the public and businesses put more trust print media than any online content the come across. Printed matter is deemed more dependable than TV, radio, and online content, with the newspapers found to be more trustworthy than their website equivalents.

The main reason is that printing such as leaflets is often thought of as less invasive, think of those annoying pop-up ads when trying to browse a website. Things like brochures and magazine are a much more relaxing type of reading material. The reader can take in whatever content they choose, at their own pace without being bombarded by adverts that they don’t necessarily want to see

Trust and relationships play a huge part in the customer’s buying decision. So with print considered the most valued form of content, its important that your business includes it within its marketing plan.

Booklet printing in York

Print Is tactile

There’s nothing quite like a beautifully designed piece of printed material to physically hold. A eye-catching poster in a shop window helps entice customers inside. Feeling really is believing, and these printed materials can easily stay on office desks and tables for weeks and months, constantly emphasising your message and therefore providing great value for money when compared to other types of media that tends to just be single use.

For financial organisations such as solicitors and estate agents paper work such as letterheads are still a crucial part of their collateral.

Booklet printing in York

Printing can Help Your business to Reach the right audience

Whether it’s a beautifully designed marketing brochure, a specific piece of point of sale material or collateral for an expo stand, print can massively assist your business to engage with the right target market. Research is starting to show that younger people are actually starting to disengage from their media devices, and are now becoming the largest buyers of print media. So well placed and well designed in-store display units will grab the attention of shoppers young and old. A billboard that proudly shows off your new product will capture attention.

When we look at information about buying habits, you can use print to really hone in in the right potential customer at the right time. It’s estimated that it can take around 12 engagements with a business before a buyer engages with the brand, so having a multi marketing strategy at various different touch-points can definitely help your business to generate more enquiries and sales.

Booklet printing in York

Print can be so much more engaging

Printing can be read in a really easy to follow format, improving the customer experience and increasing brand loyalty. Print allows you to tell a story effectively, really helps to support sales pitches and other marketing strategies.

When a potential customer reads your print material, they are more likely to hand onto it. Research has actually shown that we can retain printed information a lot easier than read online. But why is this? Print, for exmaple flyers, are more tangible, has more impact, and our brain can process it much easier, and this improved our ability to recall. Additionally, print can often stimulates an emotional response. Including print material is crucial as part of your over all marketing strategy.

Booklet printing in York

Print can actually generate more sales

As we’ve established, print is much more engaging, therefore we can conclude that it also has a higher Return on Investment (ROI). For example printed point of sale material targets a customer at the exact time they’re ready to make a sale.

A specifically targeted direct mail campaign can help to engage with a targeted audience who are more likely to open your piece of marketing and therefore want the product or service you’re selling. Having tangible print means its also easy to share too, so even if the original audience isn’t interested in your message, the print material can be passed to someone who might be.

In conclusion print is still powerful

Printing in York really isn’t dead. Its proven to provide the highest engagement and therefore the highest ROI. Plus, with a wide range of print options from Nettl of York, there are a number of ways to engage at the right time, with the right piece, to the right clientele.

Whatever your business, whether you’re a council, restaurant, school or other retail outlet, or hospitality print solutions, bespoke print material can help promote your brand and increase your product or service sales.

Heres just a few print options that we can offer, click for more info:

Nettl of York is the best place for all your printing needs, get in touch with us to find out what we can do for you!

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