Yesterday  we did another ten minute presentation for the B2B Network Business Group we attend – this time on the subject of SEO – or Search Engine Optimisation.

Its all well and good have a great website but if no-one can find it on search engines such as Google then you may as well have a giant billboard in a desert. In the presentation we explained that SEO activity is a very complex and infinite activity that entails many components in order to create noise around your website – some companies will spend £1000’s on SEO work but there are things you can do yourself. These include:

• Write a Blog or News page – Google likes this as it sees you as having something new and interesting to say each month.
• Ensure your site is mobile responsive – if not then Google will derank your site over your competitors.
• Ensure you have complete Keywords and Meta Descriptions – this allows Google to work out what each page of your site is about.
• Ensure the content on your site is relevant – if Google likes your wording and feels its new and interesting it will improve your score.
• Form strong backlinks – if your is linked from other authortitive sites then Google views your site as relevant too.

If you’d like a FREE SEO AUDIT on for your website then give us a call on 01904 501 524 to arrange.

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