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James has been working in graphic arts industry since 1999 and has been a part of the Nettl family since 2000. He prides himself on creating stunning design work and unique marketing advice and loves exceeding his clients expectations.

branded shirt in York

Look at me in my embroidered Nettl work shirt. Do you think I look smart and professional? Its a well known fact that that two of the most valuable assets to any business are it’s people – staff and clients – and its brand. Your business brand needs to be consisently represented in a unfiorm manner across all channels of communication be it in printing, onlione or with merchandise. At Nettl of York we consider one of these important elements to be branded clothes or uniforms in York.

Lets have a brief look at some if the benefits of wearing branded clothing and uniform can bring to your organisation as well as a few thoughts when it comes to designing a look for your business workwear.

The benefits of branded clothing

There are multiple advantages to having a standardised uniform or branded items of clothing for the workplace.:

  • It visually helps to promotes your business and increases public awareness of your brand.
  • For some companies, such as the retail and hospitality sectors, it shows your customers who they need to ask for for help.
  • It helps businesses where staff need to visit locations as it forms a part of identification.
  • It makes your business look professional and helps employees feel like they are part of a cohesive team.
  • It avoids the requirement for staff to have to wear their own clothing in the workplace.

Things to consider

When thinking about a work uniform there are a few considerations to make sure your brand maximises potential. Heres a few top tips:

  • Where do you want the position of your branding on the clothing. Your needs to logo is visible and legible so that customers know exactly who you are. Make your brand clearly stand out.
  • When thinking about a uniform, its not just about the branding, but also about the quality of the material, its finish and how this could represent your company
  • Quality embroidered heat sealed branding will help to ensure your logo is clearly defined.
  • Give some consideration to how the clothing fabric needs meets the requirements of your company and its activities. So if it needs to be hardwearing  or manual labour, you’re likely to have different needs to that of retail or office workwear.
  • Most importantly make sure that your logo is clearly represented consistently across all aspects of your business and its clothing.

Great quality, branded workwear and uniforms form a consistent part of your marketing mix and here at Nettl of York we can offer you a whole remit of embroidered clothing.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you with your marketing requirements today!

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