Your business card doesn’t just tell people how to get in touch with you (though the bad ones won’t even do that!) – it represents your brand and your values. Here are 4 things that make a good business card:

1. Own your layout!

The best business cards use layout to their advantage. A landscape orientation is functional yet traditional, so if you’re looking to stand out consider a portrait or split panel design. You could even utilise a folding design if you’ve got a lot to say. Or to really communicate your purpose in a flash, why not use a die-cut business card in a relevant shape? Beer glass business cards are excellent choices for brewers! Of course, before settling on a layout, consider how your logo or any artwork will be best rendered – a designer will be able to advise.

2. Error-free zone

Nothing fails faster than a potential client calling the number on your card only for it to be incorrect. Take your time before submitting your artwork – proof everything from your slogan to your email address and ensure your colours perfectly match your usage across other branding and marketing materials. Get a second pair of eyes to double-check it too.

3. Have you got the X-factor?

If you want your networking to take you places, ensure your business cards are unique. This could be as simple as giving your business card a dual purpose, such as a space for notes, or doubling up as a calendar or loyalty card. Useful business cards are those often kept the longest. You can also highlight particular aspects with spot gloss, foil or embossing for a luxurious finish.

4. Quality that can be seen and felt

Underpinned by the quality of materials you use, your business card is not the place to skimp on costs. Think about what the quality of your material says about your brand. Uncoated recycled materials are great for emerging eco-friendly start-ups, while a super-thick or silky matt finish screams high-end.

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